Fish Oil for Dogs

The Ultimate Guide to FIsh Oil for Dogs

Fish Oil for Dogs Benefits

Fish OIl for Dogs

The benefits of fish oil for dogs are vast which has made fish oil a a healthy trend in the dog nutrition industry for the last several years. The fact that Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA are called "essential" means just that, dogs can't live without them! These fatty acids from fish oil are critical to every cell in your dog's body. Because of this, the benefits of fish oil supplementation are known to offer both internal and external benefits for dogs.

List of Benefits

Cardiovascular Benefits

The omega-3's in fish oil, provide energy and add extra power to cardiovascular function. Fish oil causes the blood to thin and allow more oxygen in. More oxygen for your dog means improved heart and lung function and a streamlining of the entire cardiovascular system.

Skin & Coat Benefits

By now, most people know that supplementation of EPA and DHA from fish oil is essential in maintaining healthy looking skin and coat for dogs of all breeds. EPA and DHA from fish oil acts as a source of energy, insulating the body against heat loss and preventing the skin from drying and flaking. The result is a vibrant coat and healthier, more supple skin.

Allergy Benefits

Extensive research has shown that omega-3s help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation, experts consider, is the root cause for most chronic diseases and allergies in dogs. IMPORTANT: While Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, too much Omega-6 fatty acids will promote inflammation (for more read:Causes of Fatty Acid Deficiency in Dogs). So, the importance here, is being put on having the proper balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Because most commercial dog food is higher in Omega-6, a pure Omega-3 supplement for dogs is recommended. (also read: Fish Oil for Dogs : Quality Concerns)

Joints & Tissue Benefits

Just like essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, insulate the skin, these nutrients cushion the joints and tissues. This becomes a major concern for senior dogs and dogs with arthritis. As dogs age, their ability to maintain necessary levels of fatty acids in the body are drastically reduced. For this reason, fish oil supplementation for senior dogs is a must! Not only will fish oil supplementation help with inflammation reduction for dogs, but it will help to protect the joints and tissues against further injury from inflammation. For younger dogs, and adult dogs, regular fish oil supplementation can assist with healthy aging and general wellness.

Training & Neural Development Benefits

Essential fatty acids from fish oil control the way cholesterol works in the body, and play a key role in the functioning of the brain. Especially for puppies and younger dogs, their developing brains and nervous systems benefit from fatty acids that protect and strengthen neural connections. This comes in handy during training your dog. In fact, hundreds of scientific studies demostrate that fatty acids from fish oil supports healthy brain development.

Other Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

The list goes on and on because essential fatty acids are just that... ESSENTIAL! Next to water and food, every dog should have a fish oil supplement.


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