Fish Oil for Dogs

The Ultimate Guide to FIsh Oil for Dogs

Fish Oil for Dogs

Fish OIl for Dogs

Fish oil for dogs supplements, because of their omega-3 fat content are a healthy trend in the dog industry right now. The truth is, fish oil for dogs is a key adjunct for healthy dog diets and health which has reached billion dollar proportions in the dog nutrition industry. With numbers like these, its no doubt that many brands are jumping on the "gravy-train" to get a piece of these fish oil dollars, and, it seems that a host of brands are adding fish oil and other supposed sources of omega-3 fats to their dog food and treats. In fact, new fish oil brands and omega-3 treats for dogs are showing up all the time. We wanted to know what are the quality and safety concerns when it comes to canine fish oil and what are the best sources for fish oil for dogs.

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Fish oil is essential for dogs experiencing allergies, joint problems, and skin or coat issues. As a wellness regimen, it is recommended daily, however especially when these signs of fatty acid deficiency are present in dogs:

Fish Oil Quality Concerns

Not all fish oil brands are alike, we've included the fish oil we recommend below. Popular fish oils sold for dogs are the "wild" variety, or sourced from undesirable fish. Most of these supplements are not third party tested for contaminants, such as, mercury, PCBs, or other canine cancer causing agents. Even in the human nutrition industry as recently as March of 2010, several major brands of fish oil were found to have contaminants by an independent third-party test. When giving our cherished pets a supplement, we want to offer the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids without contaminants that can be present in fish oil for dogs.

Therapeutic and Wellness Effects

Fish oil is best source for EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids). Many veterinarians now recommend omega-3 supplements for support in heart, vision and joint health, and to nourish the skin and coat. For these reasons, fish oil for dogs makes an ideal wellness supplement, even for young dogs and puppies. Dogs experiencing arthritis pain, can benefit from the natural anti-inflammatory agents present in fish oil as a therapeutic canine supplement.

Read a full article about the Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs.

Side Effects

Because of it being a food item, fish oil has no side effects in dogs.


See our dosage page.

Identifying Features of Quality Fish Oil

Liquid Fish Oil

Liquid fish oil for dogs is more convenient than giving your dog pills. Using the liquid form is easier, you just have to pour over your pet’s food and you can even get more concentrated doses. Liquid fish oil should have a has pleasant taste for the dogs, and many dogs find that when fish oil is added to the food that the taste and texture of the food is improved. Liquid form fish oil has a higher absorption rate than chews, tablets, or capsules as well as more concentrated amounts of essential fatty acids.

Fish Oil in Dog Food

Even the best, most expensive dog foods cannot compete with the potency and quality of a liquid form fish oil for dogs. No matter how many nutrients the dog food claims to contain, it is still a highly-processed food, likely to be high in Omega-6 (a cause of fatty acid deficiency in dogs), and lacking in enough of the essential omega-3 fatty acids that your dog needs to flourish. Dog foods and treats containing omega-3 or fish oil are known to contain low-quality omega-3, low in DHA and EPA, and further, the omega-3's that may be present in a dog food are less available to your dog's body.

Recommended Fish Oil for Dogs

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